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General Resources

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20_03_16 International SOS What you need to know

20_03_17 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_03_17 WorldAware Airline Restrictions

20_03_17 WorldAware Travel Restrictions

20_03_19 How can Public Space Managers help fight COVID-19? (PPS)

20_03_22 Critical Business Continuity Services in Covid19 Response

20_03_23 Fake News_Tenants dont have to pay rent

20_03_23 JPOMA Letter to President-COJ Re Cutoffs

20_03_24 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_03_24 SHRA Clarification regarding rental payment

20_03_26 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_03_28 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_03_30 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_03_30 Online OHS Training Promotion – JPOMA Members

20_03_31 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_01 Institute of Directors SA_Guidance for Boards_Crisis Management

20_04_01 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_01 The Small Business COVID 19 Survival Guide

20_04_01 Executive Research Associates_Lockdown Monitor_Day6

20_04_02 How long does the virus last on different surfaces

20_04_02  Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_03 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_04 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_06 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_07  Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_07 Schindlers Attorneys – COVID19 – Relief and Support Options

20_04_06 JPOMA Letter to Mayor re COVID-19 and Utility Charges

20_04_08  Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_09 Max Security Corona Virus Update

20_04_09 IDC_Covid19_Special_Edition_Newsletter

20_04_13 Max Security Corona Virus Update



Examples of Barriers

President Speech Infogram

Government Notices

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20_02_27 Notice_Lockdown Factsheet

20_02_29 Notice_Department of Health SOP Coronavirus

20_03_16 Notice_DPSA Guidelines for Containment Management

20_03_20_Notice on compensation for Occupationally acquired Coronavirus under COIDA Amended_Act

20_03_27 Notice_Lockdown Fact Sheet

20_03_27 Notice_Retail Rental Exemption

20_03_30 Notice_Gauteng Judiciary Confirmation of Fines as per Disaster Management Act No 57 of 2002

20_03_29 Notice_Cancellation of Visiting Time at Hospitals During Lockdown

20_04_07 Notice_Covid Funding Resources for SA Businesses 

20_04_21 Notice_CoJ DED Phase 2 Issuing Temporary Permits for Informal Traders and Spaza Shops

20_04_21 Notice_CoJ DED Phase 2 Issuing Temporary Permits _Criteria for Qualification

20_04_21 Notice_CoJ DED Phase 2 Issuing Temporary Permits Opportunity Centers Regionally

20_04_25 Notice_Permitted goods, services and movement

20_04_29 Notice_COJ COVID19 Cases Per Region

20_05_05 Notice_Admission of Guilt_Fines Level 4

20_05_05 Notice_Transport Regulations Level 4

20_05_12 Notice_COJ Development Planning_Land Use Applications and Legal Applications

20_05_19 Notice_Gauteng Sport, Arts & Culture_Call for Proposals

20_05_20 Notice_COJ_Need to make a payment arrangement 

20_06_23 Notice_COJ_Standard operating procedure for the submission of building plans online

2020_07_03 Notice_COJ_Metro Link Covid Closure

20_03_16 Speeches_Presidents Ramaphosa_Speech Infogram

20_03_16 Speeches_Presidents Ramaphosa Measures to combat COVID 19 epidemic

20_03_23 Speeches_President Ramaphosa_Escalation of measures to combat COVID 19 pandemic

20_03_30 Speeches_President Ramaphosa Update on COVID 19 Lockdown

20_04_09 Speeches_President Ramaphosa on Measures to Combat the COVID 19 Epidemic

20_04_21 Speeches_President Cyril Ramaphosa on further economic and social measures in response the Covid-19 epidemic

20_05_01 Speeches_Minister Fikile Mbalula Level 4 transport directions

20_05_13 Speech President Cyril Ramaphosa SA response to Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

20_03_25 Gazette_COGTA_ Regulations re Lock Down

20_03_26 Gazette_COGTA_Courts, Court Precincts and Justice Services.pdf

20_03_26 Gazette_COGTA_Disaster Management Act Amendment

20_03_26 Gazette_Home Affairs_Disaster Management Act

20_04_02 Gazette_COGTA_Amended_Regulations_attending_funeral

20_04_29 Gazette_COGTA_Regulations_Lockdown_level_4

20_05_06_Gazette_Minister of Transport _Movement during level 4

20_05_07_Gazette_COGTA_Movement during level 4

20_05_12 Gazette_Car sales and repairs

20_05_12 Gazette_Clothing_Footwear_Bedding

20_05_12 Gazette_Small business regulations

20_05_14 Gazette_e-Commerce Sales

20_05_28 Gazette_COGTA_Level 3 Regulations (incl declared hotspots)

20_07_12 Gazette_COGTA

20_09_23 Gazette_Tourism Direction Amendment

20_03_29 Statement_Joint Operations Disaster Management Centre (JODMC) at Metro Centre

20_03_31 Statement_Minister of Health’s Briefing

20_04_01 Statement_Department of Transport_Revised Regulations

20_04_05 Statement_Minister_of_Health’s_Briefing

20_04_06 Statement_CoJ_Permit Issuing for Informal Traders

20_04_08 Statement_Amendment of Shared Custody Regulations During Lockdown

20_04_08 Statement_Joburg suspends the permit issuing process for informal traders

20_04_08 Statement_Municipalities urged to assist informal traders to comply with regulations

20_04_08 Statement_Sports, Arts and Culture Applications for Sector Relief Fund

20_04_13 Statement_President Ramaphosa on GBV

20_04_20 Statement_From the Desk of The President

20_04_17 Statement_Department of Health_Use of cloth face-masks by members of the general public in South Africa during the covid-19 pandemic

20_04_23 Statement_President Cyril Ramaphosa on South Africa’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic

20_05_07 Statement_MMC Matongo_COJ Finance

20_05_11 Statement_President Cyril Ramaphosa

20_05_19 Statement_Minister of Basic Education_Reopening of schools

20_07_12 Statement_President’s Message

20_09_16 Statement_President Ramaphosa Level 1

20_04_13 Presentation_Department of Health_SA Covid_19 Epidemic Trends and Next Steps

20_04_17 Presentation_Department of Health _COVID-19 Public Health Response

20_04_22 Presentation_Risk-adjusted strategy for economic activity


Click to Download / View the articles

Click to Download / View the articles

Click to Download / View the articles

20_03_22 News24_ ‘Fake news’: Department rubbishes letter claiming landlords can’t collect rent from tenants

20_03_25 SABC_ Makhura details Gauteng plans ahead of national lockdown

20_03_25 TPN – Lockdown for landlords, your questions

20_03_25 TPN State of Disaster Rental Recovery Plan – Free!

20_03_26 TPN COVID-19 Regulations for Retail Landlords

20_03_26 Business Tech_What to do if your essential certificate has not been emailed to you?

20_03_26 Cape Talk_Lockdown Rules: Essential service workers will have to carry permit

20_03_27 Business Tech_New Website Rules for South Africa

20_03_27 Fin24_What if I can’t pay my rent during lockdown?

20_03_29 Business Partners ready to take applications for the Rupert Funding by end of the week

20_03_30 TPN Business days extended, what this means for you!

20_03_30 SA News_Government rolls out massive COVID-19 testing drive

20_03_31 News24_ANALYSIS_Covid-19_ What happens after the lockdown?

20_03_31 Business Live_ Covid-19 cases are rising ‘slower than expected’.

20_04_01 Health24_Looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus crisis.

20_04_01 SA News_Transport revises taxi regulations during lockdown

20_04_02 Buy now and enjoy later – a voucher to keep a business running

20_04_03 Can SA’s decades-old vaccine regime work in our favour against Covid-19?

20_04_03 BBC News_South Africa’s ruthlessly efficient fight against coronavirus

20_04_04 Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

20_04_05 More than R2 billion donated to the Solidarity Fund in two weeks

20_04_06 Times Live_SA brains come up with a nifty box to protect virus frontline staff

20_04_06 CoJ Newsroom_ Mayor Admonishes Alleged Abuse of Lockdown Permits

20_04_06 CoJ Newsroom_Spaza Shop Trading Permits Issued without Glitches

20_04_07 CoJ Newsroom_ City’s political leadership intensifies the war on Covid-19

20_04_07 CoJ Newsroom_ Joburg’s Covid-19 test kits not contaminated – Mayor Makhubo

20_04_08 Indawo Training – Mental Health: Dealing with Anxiety and Social Isolation: On-line Workshop

20_04_08 CoJ Newsroom_ Over 1 200 permits issued to informal traders

20_04_08 CoJ  Newsroom_City of Jobug’s call centre fields over 22 000 calls during the lockdown

20_04_09 Statement_ COJ_Public Notice: Suspension of council meetings and the 2020/21 IDP Consultation sessions in the wake of COVID-19

20_04_09 Business Live_ Johann Rupert: ‘This isn’t just a pause — it’s an entire reset of our economic system’

20_04_10 BBC_Coronavirus in South Africa: The lull before the surge?

20_04_12 City Press_ Treasury could impose more tariff increases to create revenue for municipalities

The small business site_NSBC launches The COVID-19 Small Business Relief Centre

20_04_15 CoJ Newsroom_City of Johannesburg introduces web link billing (SMS notification) for municipal statements during COVID-19 lockdown period

20_04_15 News24_Lockdown: Court decision a heavy blow to waste-pickers’ hopes

20_04_15 News24_Critical week ahead to measure impact of lockdown – Prof Karim

20_04_15 Business Day_ Cape Town city council relief ‘a step in the right direction’

20_04_18 The Citizen_ Lockdown reaching breaking point as poor unlikely to just wait to starve to death

20_05_06 Business Tech_SARS is changing the tax filing season

20_05_06 Business Insider_Govt has changed the rules on when vehicles are allowed on the road

20_05_14 COJ Newsroom_Johannesburg to distribute food-parcels to a Million households

20_05_18 Goodthingsguy.com_Over 15 000 farmers approved for COVID-19 Disaster Fund

20_05_19 Citizen_Gauteng department of education to recruit Covid-19 ‘brigades’

20_05_19 Business Insider_Level 3 is coming soon – but it won’t look as different from Level 4 as originally planned

20_05_20 Daily Maverick_SA infections could flare up to 54,000 by end of May; death rate set to soar too

20_05_25 News24_Explainer: Lockdown Level 3

20_05_28 Business Insider_You can now apply for UIF Coronavirus payouts for May

20_05_28 IOL_Seven things to know about the level 3 lockdown regulations 

20_06_03 In Your Pocket_Unique Joburg tours to join this June

20_06_12 SA Travel News_Global airlines keen to return to SA

20_06_23 Participants to be enrolled this week for SA’s first Covid-19 vaccine trial

20_07_02 As Covid-19 explodes in Gauteng, Dlamini Zuma must make Lockdown 2.0 decision

20_07_13 Leisure ban will see sector decimated

20_07_14 It takes only 20 minutes to risk infection in a fully loaded taxi – even with a face mask

20_07_15 My Covid19 test is positive. What do I do now?

20_07_15 How to Know when you need a hospital for Covid-19 (pulse oximeter explained)

20_09_09 How mechanical ventilation for Covid-19 has saved lives at Groote Schuur Hospital 

20_09_18 Official Level 1 Lockdown Rules for South Africa

20_09_21 Should you download the COVID Alert SA app?

20_09_29 Global Coronavirus pandemic passes ‘agonizing milestone’ of a million deaths